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Honourable Judges

     1.     Hon'ble Dr. Justice Vineet Kothari, Acting Chief Justice
     2.     Hon'ble Thiru. Justice K.K. Sasidharan
     3.     Hon'ble Thiru. Justice R. Subbiah
     4.     Hon'ble Thiru. Justice M. Sathyanarayanan
     5.     Hon'ble Thiru. Justice N. Kirubakaran
     6.     Hon'ble Thiru Justice M.M.Sundresh
     7.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice T. S. Sivagnanam
     8.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice M. Duraiswamy
     9.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice T. Raja
     10.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. Ravichandrabaabu
     11.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice P. N. Prakash
     12.   Hon'ble Tmt. Justice Pushpa Sathyanarayana
     13.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice K. Kalyanasundaram
     14.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice S. Vaidyanathan
     15.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice R. Mahadevan
     16.   Hon'ble Ms. Justice V.M. Velumani
     17.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Bharathidasan
     18.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice D. Krishnakumar
     19.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.S. Sundar
     20.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Parthiban
     21.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice R. Subramanian
     22.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Govindaraj
     23.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Sundar
     24.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice R. Suresh Kumar
     25.   Hon'ble Mrs. Justice J. Nisha Banu
     26.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.S. Ramesh
     27.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.M. Subramaniam
     28.   Hon'ble Dr. Justice Anita Sumanth
     29.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice T. Ravindran
     30.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. Velmurugan
     31.   Hon'ble Dr. Justice G. Jayachandran
     32.   Hon'ble Mr. Justice C.V. Karthikeyan
     33.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice RMT. Teekaa Raman
     34.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice N. Sathish Kumar
     35.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice N. Seshasayee
     36.   Hon'ble Tmt. Justice V. Bhavani Subbaroyan
     37.    Hon'ble Thiru. Justice A.D. Jagadish Chandira
     38.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice G.R. Swaminathan
     39.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice Abdul Quddhose
     40.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice M. Dhandapani
     41.   Hon'ble Thiru. Justice P.D. Audikesavalu
     42.   Hon'ble Tmt. Justice R.Tharani
     43.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice P.Rajamanickam
     44.   Hon'ble Tmt. Justice T.Krishnavalli
     45.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice R.Pongiappan
     46.   Hon'ble Tmt. Justice R.Hemalatha
     47.   Hon'ble Kumari Justice P.T. Asha
     48.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice M. Nirmal Kumar
     49.    Hon'ble Thiru Justice Subramonium Prasad
     50.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice N. Anand Venkatesh
     51.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice G.K. Ilanthiraiyan
     52.    Hon'ble Thiru Justice Krishnan Ramasamy
     53.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice C. Saravanan
     54.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice B. Pugalendhi
     55.   Hon'ble Thiru Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy